The Value of My Services is Not What I say About Myself,

But Rather What Other People Say About Me

   There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.

I would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested. Here are a few happy past clients letters to share with you.



To Whom it May Concern:

In this world of sometimes complacent, or barely competent professionals who seem to go through the motions, we were fortunate to have met Joy Goldstein. Joy is the ultimate professional and does not suffer fools. She tells you the truth and will always give you the realities concerning the sale of your home. If you listen to her and give up unrealistic ideas about the way you feel your home should be priced and shown, you will increase your chances of a successful sale.

We do not mean to imply that Joy is all business or unsympathetic. She is a warm, empathetic person who really appreciates the feeling people have about selling their house. She will be there with a great smile and a sympathetic shoulder. We found her to be always available and on top of everything. As a special bonus you get her associate, Hilary Foutes, who also seems to be able to solve any problem or question you might have.

Let us add that two weeks after finding us a buyer for our home she found us a beautiful condo. We are now very happy in our new home. If we know anyone putting their home on the market, we would tell them to "Call Joy" and better still to "listen to her".


Brenda and Sheldon Cohen


March 28, 2014

To all prospective clients,

We spent nearly ten years looking for the right house.  We knew exactly what we wanted yet other real estate agents just did not seem to have the ability to make it happen for us.  They all seemed to lack proper insight or connections to find the right properties and the tenacity to make a deal happen.  Then we found Joy (in more ways than one!).  In a matter of months she found us the perfect house and expertly guided us through the long negotiation process necessary to orchestrate the perfect deal.

Joy Goldstein has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things “real estate”.  She also possesses every quality you would want in an agent.  She’s friendly, patient, caring, encouraging and understanding but also tough as nails and as no-nonsense as they come.  She’s a first-class communicator and a brilliant tactician.

If you’re serious about finding or selling a home, there is no one better qualified to get you where you want to be than Joy.


Mark and Melanie Pearlstein

Swampscott, MA

September 6, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter will serve to confirm that I strongly recommend Sagan Realtors and Joy Goldstein and Hilary Foutes, in particular, to represent you in either buying or selling your home.

This team represented us in selling our home in Swampscott this summer during a very difficult market. We listed the property at what everyone knew was an aggressive asking price in May. On their advice, we agreed to reduce the price in June and by mid July the house was under agreement.

 We found them to be very knowledgeable and professional in the following areas:

 • In depth knowledge of the market in Marblehead, Swampscott and the surrounding area.

• Strong working relationships with the other active brokers in this market.

• Well thought out strategies for either buying or selling to maximize the transaction for their client.

• Strong negotiating skills and pricing strategies.

• Excellent follow-through with all the details leading up to the closing to assure it goes smoothly.

I therefore have no reservations what-so-ever in recommending Joy and Hilary for your residential real estate transaction.

If you wish any additional information please do not hesi tate to contact me.


Ray W. Miller


May 20, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I offer some thoughts to prospective clients of Joy Goldstein and Hilary Foutes as real estate professionals. I was given Joy Goldstein's name through a long time friend and colleague, Dr Steven Baratz. My first contact with Joy was by telephone and I was immediately impressed by her professionalism and willingness to accommodate my needs as a potential client. We set up an appointment to meet at my home in December of 2013, in anticipation of a early spring sale.

Our first meeting with Joy was amazing. She came to our home to meet my wife, Sherry, and I, and to talk about the process  for a successful sale of  the home and to discuss the philosophy associated with creating the right environment to attract potential buyers for our home. She carefully assessed  the decor and accessories and suggested to have Hilary Foutes, her team mate, as well as a professional home designer join us to make some needed adjustments to the placement of furniture, photos, lighting and accessories, with the goal of creating the perfect look for the type of buyer our home would potentially attract. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but the results were incredible. The home took on a new look as a result of  their combined efforts.

Joy spent a couple of weeks assessing the market and looking for comparable home sales to correctly price our home and allow for substantiation of the price when banks were potentially looking for proper assessed values. She presented her findings in a clear and concise format that made complete sense and helped us develop a comfort level for the proposed selling price of the home.

The winter of 2014 was very cold and snowy. It seemed as though the spring market would never arrive. Joy was very patient and very focused on placing our home on the market at the proper time. Too early, and it just sits there adding days on the market. Joy hired  a professional  photographer  to capture the essence of the home on film and presented us the photographs for review, along with the proposed MLS listing details for review. Every detail was perfect.

The day finally came in late February to place the MLS listing live online and actively start showing the home. We immediately had 3 potential buyers look at our home. Hilary was incredible at making us aware of the times of the showings and giving us feedback from the showings. We had a substantial offer within two days of placing the home on the market. The offer was successfully and professionally negotiated and accepted. Incredible planning and strategizing, along with a little luck, made this all happen in such a well coordinated fashion.

Our closing was scheduled for the middle of May, so we had some time to work on moving our personal belongings and taking care of all the details for closing. Hilary took care of all of the details to perfection. She immediately arranged  for the home inspection and the pre-smoke detector inspection by having a professional first look at the systems to make sure everything was in compliance prior to the Fire Deputy coming to the home. She also arranged for the water department to come into our home for the meter readings. She was  personally there for all these meetings and took care of all the paperwork and made sure everyone got copies of everything.

Both Joy and Hilary were fantastic at communication with every detail of the sale. They communicated effectively with the other brokers, the attorneys and  the buyers and sellers to make sure everyone had all the answers needed. Very well done! Both Joy and Hilary seem to virtually have unlimited energy and never give up for their clients. They always did whatever it takes to get the job done, and done very well. They completely comprehend what it takes to be true real estate professionals and are both willing to put in the time and effort towards those ends. I highly recommend without hesitation the Goldstein-Foutes Team for all of your real estate needs.


 Joel R. Spiller, DMD 

August 5,2015

Joy - I wanted to thank you for everything that you did during this process.  This is a obviously a difficult time for our family, and you helped to make something that is normally stressful very, very easy.  You went way above and beyond in terms of helping us with all of the logistics (meeting service providers at the house, etc), all of your referrals (like the packers and movers) did a great job, your expertise and experience were obvious, and all your advice and counsel were right on.  The whole process could not have gone any better or smoother.  It is very much appreciated.  My dad made a great choice!


All the best,

Alex Lifson




We wanted to send you a note and thank you again for all your help with 256! We are slowly settling in . We never expected to have such a pleasant experience when buying our first home and we really appreciate all that you did on our behalf. We love our new neighborhood and the beach

Don’t be a stranger, Thanks Again for everything

All the best,

Langdon, Matt, Emily and Lizzy Hamilton



To Whom It May Concern:     

I recently had the opportunity to act as attorney for the seller in a real estate transaction that Joy Goldstein of the Sagan Agency also participated in as the listing broker. This was my first opportunity to work with Joy.

When I became involved in the matter, there were intense negotiations going on between the seller and the buyer. What immediately impressed me about Joy was her advice and opinion clearly showed that she was looking out for the customer's best interest as opposed to being focused on having the deal go through. Her opinion was that the seller should take a certain position and not vary from it and if the deal "went south": then so be it. She clearly was concerned more with what was best for the seller than what was best for the broker because obviously, if the deal "went south" (which it didn't) her commission was going south with it.

About a quarter of my general practice of law is devoted to real estate. I am in continual contact with my real estate brokers through eastern Massachusetts. It is apparent to me that not all brokers have the same philosophy as Joy. It is this philosophy and manner of doing business that makes her a true professional. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again."

Sincerely, Carol S. Goodman, Goodman& Goodman Attorneys at Law

"Dear Joy

When my family moved to Swampscott, we did not know anybody in Massachusetts. Further, we did not know very much about the Boston metropolitan area. Our first chore was to select a community in which to live, and our second chore was to find a home. You helped us immensely throughout the whole process. In fact, you became our first friend in Massachusetts.

During our first few months in Swampscott, you went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did you help us to find our home, which was a challenge because we were moving from out of state, but you answered a hundred questions after we got there. My wife told me numerous times in those early months how often she called you for help - where to buy clothes for the kids, how to find a babysitter, where to get the car fixed, where to go out for dinner, and on and on. You were so helpful that I never hesitate to give your name to people who are moving to the area.....Thank you for helping to make our move to Swampscott successful and thank you for becoming our first friend in Massachusetts."

Very Truly Yours, Jay K. Levine, VP ECG Management Consultants, INC.

"Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations.

"Dear Joy:

Thank you for the extraordinary manner in which you managed the sale of my home at 77 Gale Road in Swampscott. I have transacted several homes over the last twenty years and none of them closed as smoothly as this one.

From start to finish your experience and professionalism were evident. As you know, a market with increasing inventory and decreasing prices presents unique challenges to the seller. The pricing advice you gave me, suported by ample actual sales comparisions, was extremely valuable. It allowed me, to list my home at a realistic price that encouraged showings while maximizing the realized proceeds fromt he sale. From presenting and advertising my home in the most flattering light to finding a significant number of qualified prosepcts, as well as guiding the final negotiations, you were in control at every step. Your knowledge of the various regulatory details assured a stress-free smooth closing and I sincerely appreciated that.

I occasionally hear grousing about brokerage fees charged by realtors. I believe that I got a bargain. You saved me at least half of your fee by advising me NOT to do some of the things I had planned to do to my home that you felt would not enhance the sale. Your advice also led to a clean inspection with NO issues raised. Not having to carry my home for several months of marketing time also saved me thousands of dollars in mortgage interest.

The bottom line is my home went under agreement in fourteen days! Thank you very much for a job well done.

Best Regards, Kevin J Perry

"To Whom It May Conern:

I have worked with Joy Goldstein for the past ten years. She has sold homes that I built and other property that I have owned. I have found her to be professional and knowledgeable. She has demonstragted great loyalty, always remembering who she represented, always doing her best to insure that my needs were met. She was committed to insuring that we got the highest possible price for the property. She worked well with the Buyers making the transactions comfortable for both parties.

Joy has sold property for me ranging from a $180,000 condominium to an oceanfront home bringing $1,550,000. When selling the new construction she was attentive to details, time frames, and dates. She educated the Buyer about the process carefully. Her confidence in my product instilled trust in the Buyers. I have found Joy to be an asset to my business when I worked with her and would recommend her without reservation."

Yours Truly, William O'Brien, Atlanticshore Associates

"Dear Joy:

Now that we are settled into our new house (except for aobut twenty unpacked boxes!), I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your help throughout the process. I realize that you work for the sller, but I felt that you were looking out for Michelle and I as well. You gave us an honest assessment of houses and neighborhoods, and reserached comparable house pricing to make us feel more comfortable with the price we ended up paying. I also appreciate the fact that you returned our phone calls quickly.

Even after the deal was closed you were willing to help. Arranging the pickup of our old gas stove, as well as paying the bill to the waste removal company gave us one less thing to worry about. We also appreciate you giving us phone numbers for babysitters.

We are very happy with the house and the Town of Swampscott. Thanks again for your help. By the way, we just finished sanding and staining the kitchen floor. It looks great - you should stop by and see it sometime.

Sincerely, David Fine, Manger, Reporting and Budgets/Osram Sylvania

"To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I offer this letter of recommendation for Joy Goldstein. I have known Joy on a professional basis for a number of years. Her commitment to her customers has placed her among the high ranked professionals in the real estate industry. She never neglects the basics, thus giving her the reputation that she holds among her peers.

I have found Joy to be a responsive, caring, committed and ethical business person. She is able to maintain a positive posture under the many different situations confronting her daily. These attributes have made her successful and are ones I would look for in professionals within any industry.

If the opportunity arises, whether simple or complex within the real estate arena, I would choose Joy as my representative because of her skills and competency.

If I may ever be of any assistance in your decision making process, please do not hesitate to call my office."


Sincerely yours, Robert M. Ogan, President of Bake 'n Joy foods, Inc.

"Dear Joy:

Now that the sale of our home in Swampscott has been completed, I can tell you how much I appreciated your commitment and professionalism. When the original transaction failed to close in December, you helped us develop a creative strategy with the purchaser that resulted in a successful closing a short time later. Given a delay in the purchaser's sale of their home, our transaction became more complicated. Nevertheless, we were able to complete the sale of our home under terms that were mutually beneficial to us and the buyer. Your assistance throughout this process was key to the successful transaction.

When Marilyn and I moved to Swampscott in 1989, we were fortunate to select you as our realtor. Since we were moving from out of state with two young children, we decided to rent before purchasing a home. You helped our family locate a house to rent and the assisted us in the purchase of our home. Now that you have helped us to sell our home, the circle is complete.

Finally you were a terrific asset to ECG over the past 18 years. As I was recruiting staff from throughout the country, you gladly assisted numerous new ECG employees as they explored the real estate market on the North Shore.

Although Marilyn and I love our new life and our new home in Montauk, we do miss the terrific friends we made in Swampscott. Thank you for the help and kindness your provided over many years.

Very truly yours, Jay K Levine, VP ECG Management Consultants, INC.